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By Matthias Martelli

Conferenza performativa presentata alla Chapman University di Los Angeles

This presentation is a journey through the theater of Dario Fo, one of the greatest theater playwrights and actors of the 20th century. Through performance and storytelling, Matthias Martelli will introduce us to Dario Fo’s “total” theatrical style, where the actor, alone on stage and without the aid of scenes, is able to fire the imagination of the public with the sole use of his voice, his body, and his gestures. Martelli has taken Mistero Buffo around the world, a play that earned Fo the Nobel Prize in Literature. Martelli will illustrate the artistry of Fo’s theater, inspired by the traditions of medieval jesters and focusing in particular on the grammelot, a special technique in which the author can reproduce the sounds of foreign languages. By staging the Maestro’s explosive irony, Martelli will demonstrate Dario Fo’s international contribution, proving how his blistering satire is still relevant today.

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